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We geek out over the final Star Wars: Rouge One trailer, Patreon rewards, and more!

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I'm not proud of myself this week folks... That being said, we geek out over Westworld, Congo, Batman vs Superman, and more!

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We geek out over more Marvel Stuff, Playstation VR, and more!

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We geek out over Captain America Civil War for pretty much the entire episode!

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We geek out over 50 years of Star Trek, The PS4 Pro and Slim models, and more!

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Hold on to your butts folks because this episode is just odd. Fun! ...but odd.

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We geek out over Gotham, The Tick, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and more!

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We geek out over Metal Gear Survive, Abzu, No Man's Sky, and more!



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We geek out over The new Rouge One trailer, The Justice League teaser, and more!

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We geek out over terrible TV shows, Stranger Things, X-Wing Miniatures, and more!

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