Geeks of Steel

We geek out over the Space Hulk boardgame, the new Batmobile, and more!

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We geek out about Amazing Spiderman 2, our LEGO problems, and more!

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We geek out over Wizard World Chicago, Star Wars board games, and more!

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We geek out over the top 5 things we hate in video games.

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We geek out over Star Wars news, Gamescom Anouncements, Board Games and more!

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We spend nearly the entire show geeking out over Guardians of the Galaxy in this lenghty, spoiler-filled review show!

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We geek out over The Last of Us Remastered, Matt finally sees Thor 2, and more!

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We geek out over the Destiny Beta, the trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk, and more!

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SPOLIERS!  Adam ruins Breaking Bad for those who haven't seen it yet.  Also, we geek out over some stuff.

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We geek out over Snowpiercer, The Raid 2, and more!

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