Geeks of Steel

We geek out over our Top 5 Nintendo Games of all time!

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We get serious in this week's episode as we geek out over an Alien poster, Nintendo's Twitch policy, and more!

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We geek out over Hearthstone, Deadpool's suit, and more!

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We geek out over Helldivers, we finally get around to figuring out who won our Oscars game, and more!

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We geek out over the new Star Wars film announcement, Helldivers, and more!

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We geek out over Alien Isolation, Big Hero 6, and more!

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Couldn't make a full episode happen this week so instead we bring you this brief clip in memory of Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper. See you all again next week.

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We geek out over two hundred episodes of the Geeks of Steel!

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We geek out over the Ghostbusters casting news, Adam makes an important announcement concerning his Wii U, and more!

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Adam geeks out over the Wii.  Strap in folks, because you are going to get more Wii-related content than you would ever want!

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